March 26, 2013 2 min read

With some cars you become attached because you know what you are driving is special.  It doesn’t have to be expensive, it doesn’t even have to be popular – but it evokes that elicit emotion not so easily understood by the average driver.  When you know you, you just know.  The R53 Mini Cooper S is that special car.  Admittedly, it is one of my dream cars.

Although I drive the newer more refined R56 Mini Cooper, I get instantly envious/glad when I see a well maintained R53 with an owner who takes care of one.  The Mini embodies something that all car enthusiasts celebrate in a car: something that is considerably an attainable cars in its day, and arguably just as special and collectible as the Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s of the world.

Modern day supercars are obviously impressive.  Rapid acceleration, scissor doors and drop-dead gorgeous looks can make any expensive car an incredibly desirable automobile.  However, these are not the requisites in giving you that elicit emotion we yearn for in an automobile.

Remembering the first time I drove a Mini, I didn’t know exactly what to think.  Why such a strange looking speedometer? What can an ‘S’ badge possibly do with 161ish horsepower?  But then I started it up and the supercharged mini spoke to me.  Being so raw and responsive, nimble and low, and a please in any major City I couldn’t imagine anything else as fun to drive.

The older automobile community years for the days of the BMW 2002 and pony cars, but we have modern day classics sitting right in front of us.  Just step into an R53 Mini, you’ll see.

Image Source: top10HM

Sundeep Yashpal
Sundeep Yashpal

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