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About Us

Goclean Inc is a Canadian manufacturer working towards a sustainable and water rich earth.  With our waterless carwash product, we offer Canadians a new way to wash their cars at home without all the waste.  Each waterless wash saves up to 500 liters of water and protects our waterways from harmful pollutants and soaps that would have otherwise been hosed down our storm drains. Our business model is SaveWater! – we firmly believe that enterprises can impact positive change in the world especially considering we live in a worldwide water crisis (1 billion people do not have access to clean drinking water). 
Our focus from day one has been sustainability.  We have reduced our impact on the environment by ensuring that all packaging components are recyclable and composed of recycled plastic.  We also work towards reducing our carbon footprint by ensuring that all components are sourced from North America and our packaging is as volumetric as possible.  Furthermore, most of our solutions are composed of soaps and plant based, non-toxic polymers.  Our focus from day one has been premium products for people and our planet.

Here is some background information on Goclean:

  • We launched our innovative Waterless Carwash at Canadian Tire in 2011
  • Our waterless carwash washes, waxes and protects your car surface in one easy application and of course with no water and no harmful chemical
  • 100% recycled plastic, we make our goods in Canada, and we have designed our bottles to be as volumetric as possible so that we can reduce carbon emissions related to shipping – sustainability is our number one priority
  • We offer a full line of automotive car care products, which you can discover on our website:

goclean was formed in 2011 with the intention to creating products and services that reduce the environmental impact of traditional cleaning, considering changes to our climate, depleting natural resources and a looming world-wide water crisis.

The goclean team firmly believes that little changes in what and how we consume can make a positive impact to the world that we live in. goclean was launched at Canadian Tire nationally and was shortly thereafter featured on Canadas infamous Dragons Den. Since then, goclean has been growing its footprint in Canada and around the world .


Fast forward to 2019 and the goclean brand has been flourishing in Canada and internationally. We launch our products to amazon buyers in 2018 and the response and support of the amazon community has been phenomenal. We continue to grow our product portfolio with innovative premium quality products. Our products are now used with over 25 well known automotive brands from well known car dealership, car rental and ride share brands and a number of elite exotic car retailers. This is a testament to the quality of the product we have brought to the market and the fact we stand behind every bottle sold.

A selection of goclean products are available in the Egypt region as well. Visit out official authorized dealers page at the link below for more information about availability.


The team has had an exciting journey thus far and plans to continue innovating high performing and sustainable products and services.