March 22, 2013 1 min read


It’s quite simple actually.  As a company, goclean strives to reduce our carbon footprint and to become carbon neutral.  This is one of our greater challenges as a company, but have decided that it is important.  So, we’re working on it. 

Here’s how:

At goclean we use square and cylinders bottles for our products for good reason: we try to make our packaging as volumetric as possible.   We ship product across the globe to our various partners and customers with a volumetric bottle. This allows us to have the least amount of empty space or waste as possible.

We are also committed to only using ingredients and components sourced from within North America (except for our microfiber towels for now) and strive to be as efficient as we can with our shipping and logistics strategies.

Even with all of our focused efforts, it is unfortunately impossible to escape or eliminate production of greenhouse gases.  To battle this, we have mandated that in 2013 our carbon calculators will be out, offsetting and neutralizing production of these greenhouse gases.  We have lots of room for improvement, so follow our story as we work towards sustainability and conscientious car care.

Sundeep Yashpal
Sundeep Yashpal

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