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May 20, 2020 3 min read

As we knowCOVID-19 is spreading globally and has caused over 80K cases inCanada. As public access place and work locations start to open, we felt its very important to share with our followers some key things to keep in mind as we start getting back into our cars for commuting.


COVID-19 Current Scenario

So far, the COVID-19 has infected more than 4.9M people globally out of which 1.7M people have recovered. The global death toll stands at a staggering figure of 324K. By the time you read this article, the figures will have changed already.


Keeping your car clean and sanitized is key

The challenge with the interior of cars is the multiple surfaces and textures that you will find. Below we have compiled a list of key things to think about when getting your car ready for commuting. First andforemost, lets understand the difference between cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting

Cleaning removes the dirt, gunk and lowers the levels of germs through physical action. Cleaning involves the use of water along with soaps/shampoos/detergents to physically remove the germs and dirt from any surface.

Sanitizing involves the use of surface sanitizers to significantly reduce bacteria, viruses and fungi but does not mean they have all been killed. We are not saying sanitizing is not a good enough means to maintain the interior of your car, but it is important to know that the terms sanitize and disinfecting cannot be used interchangeably.

Disinfecting car involves application of a disinfectant on different surfaces and leaving them for a few minutes to killany germs present on the car surface. 


The Process…

So how should you go about it?

We recommend starting by a thorough cleaning of your car. This will remove dirt build up preventing sanitizing or disinfecting products from making proper contact with the surface

Next do a full disinfection. Remember it is very important to let the disinfecting products sit on the surface for a few minutes to let them perform the action of eliminating the viruses, bacteria and fungi.

Now that your car is fully disinfected, use a sanitizer spray for ongoing maintenance purposes. Every time you arrive at your destination, give the cars major touch points a sanitizer spray. Think about, steering wheels, gear shifters, radio / infotainmentsystems, door handles, latches and the one a lot of people forget, your seat belt buckle and release button.

That way as you are in the office working away or in the grocery store (practicing social distancingof course) the car is being sanitized and will maintain a clean safe environment for you.


REMEMBER: Do not Use Bleach

Many car owners have made the mistake of using bleaching agents and harsh cleaning chemicals and regretted their decisions soon after the process. Bleaching agents and harsh cleaning compounds are not recommended for car disinfection as they can not only damage the car parts but also lead to discoloration and fading of car plastic and trim colors. Finally we do not want our followers inhaling the harsh toxic vapors these products release.


Goclean Interior Cleaner and Detailer + Disinfectant Additive

We have re-formulated our Goclean Interior Cleaner & Detailer with a commercial grade disinfectant to help our customers have an all in one product. You can clean, detail and disinfect your interior all with a single product. For more information visit: Goclean Interior Cleaner & Detailer

Adam Iftikhar
Adam Iftikhar

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