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  • REMOVE SALT FROM CAR–  This product is all you need to get rid of those stubborn salt stains to get your car ready for summer!

    SAFE, SIMPLE & EASY TO USE – The Salt remover formula is quick and easy to use. Spray on the product, let it sit for a few moments for the organic break down to occur & then scrub and wipe away with a microfiber towel. You will enjoy a clean and a like new feel in your car

    BEST SALT REMOVER OF CAR – All our products are biodegradable and made from plant based ingredients. Goclean products are all made in Canada and have been featured on Dragons Den.

    THE ECO-FRIENDLY SOLUTIONS – Stop fussing with messy oils, toxic chemical cleaners & wipes that aren't reusable. Goclean detailing products have been designed to get your vehicle looking spotless without harming the eco-systems we all enjoy.

    • Components: Biodegradable surfactants, degreasers and polymers
    • VOC Compliant, Non-hazardous
    • Caution: Possible Eye Irritant
    • 100% Recyclable packaging
    • Made in Canada.

  • Natural & non-toxic yet impressively effective, our auto salt stain removal spray breaks down caked on salt deposits and cleans away filth and grime from the carpets.
  • Goclean Salt Stain Remover is made with plant based emulsifiers and polymers that are designed to clean the hard to clean salt stains from your carpet. Our formula dissolves salt deposits within seconds and all you have to do is wipe!
  • Our Product is very simple to use. Spray onto surface, gently agitate and wipe off after 3-5 seconds. If residue remains repeat steps until you successfully remove salt from the car. Our formulation is designed for stubborn stains and organic build up on the vehicle.