Clean Your Leather and Vinyl Upholstery with Our Gentle horse hair brush and avoid Damaging Your Upholstery with our Special Firm but Gentle Bristle. Our upholstery brush has been designed specifically to provide a deep but gentle cleaning to your leather and vinyl upholstery. The car seat brush is Engineered with a special blend of horse and synthetic bristle made specifically for the best deep cleaning possible.

Our special tilted head helps you get into nooks and crevices are more difficult to get into. 

Key Features

  • Handle dimensions: xx Inch
  • High-density pinning.
  • Tough Material Wood
  • Easily cleans leather goods and surfaces
  • Perfect for cleaning seats, upholstery, bags, shoes, and more

CARE: For maintenance, clean theupholstery brush bristles with a mild soap and warm water solution; towel blot to remove excess moisture and air dry with bristles facing down to prevent damage to wooden handle; made in Canada