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  • ENGINEERED FOR QUALITY Goclean'sWaterless Car Wash encapsulates and lifts dirt safely from surface while leaving a hydrophobic, clear UV protective coating which safeguards vehicles from further dirt and grime build, water spot ups and scratching. Designed and engineered to provide superior cleaning and unparalleled protection!

    EASY APPLICATION & USE ANYWHERE 3 Step process - Spray, Wipe, Shine. Works on wet or dry surfaces and works well with Goclean Microfiber Towels. Use it anywhere & anytime.

    NATURAL FORMULA Environmentally friendly waterless car wash spray and car wax is Plant Based, Biodegradable and Silicone Free.

    AS SEEN ON DRAGONS DEN Goclean Products have been featured on Dragons Den & are proudly Made in Canada.

    • Components: Biodegradable surfactants, degreasers and polymers
    • VOC Compliant, Non-hazardous
    • Caution: Possible Eye Irritant
    • 100% Recyclable packaging
    • Made in Canada.

  • Goclean Waterless Car Wash preserves the integrity of your car with the use of All Natural Ingredients designed for superior cleaning and unparalleled protection.
  • Goclean Waterless Car Wash and wax is a plant based, biodegradable, silicone and petroleum free Wash and Wax that contains surfactants, lubricants and polymers that wash, wax, and protect your car. During the application of process, plant based soaps emulsify dirt particles and lifts them from the surface of your vehicle, while a natural polymer wax remains to keep your vehicle cleaner longer.

  • With our best car wash and wax, dirt is safely removed by plant based surfactants (detergents) and lubricants, as well as special polymers. Surfactants encapsulate dirt particles while natural and lubricants and polymers go between the dirt particles and the solid surface leaving a clean scratch free finish. Our plant-based polymers also leave a clear protective coat, safeguarding from further dirt and grime build up and scratching. Goclean Waterless also protects from the pitting that is caused by UV rays on water spots that dulls paints.
  • Beads water off the surface of your car, while dirt and grime have a hard time sticking around. Best used on solid surfaces such as, paint, glass, plastic, trim, wheels, or chrome. Simply spray, wipe and shine to wash and wax your vehicle in under 15 minutes. No water, buckets or facilities are required allowing you to wash and wax anywhere and perfect solution for those who live under water restrictions as a result of water shortages