• PREMIUM PRODUCT – Goclean Heavy Duty Spot Cleaner is an easy to use car cleaning product designed with sustainability in mind, 100% Biodegradable & free of silicone.

    ECO-FRIENDLY SPOT CLEANER FOR CAR – Environmentally friendly formula is Plant Based, Biodegradable, and Silicone Free.

    MULTIPLE USAGES – This car stain remover removes tar, tree sap, bird droppings, brake dust, engine grease, wheel cleaning, salt stains, dirt , grime & other stubborn deposits

    SIMPLE APPLICATION – Designed to target extra tough grease or salt stains + bird droppings, front grills & dirty engines, our biodegradable spot cleaner washes those stubborn spots without the need for water.

    AS SEEN ON DRAGONS DEN – Goclean Products have been featured on Dragons Den & are proudly Made in Canada

    • Components: Biodegradable surfactants, degreasers and polymers
    • VOC Compliant, Non-hazardous
    • Caution: Possible Eye Irritant
    • 100% Recyclable packaging
    • Made in Canada.

  • Goclean Heavy Duty Spot Cleaner is made with plant based emulsifiers and polymers that are designed to clean the hard to do things around your car. Our formula dissolves; bugs, oil, tar, tree sap, bird droppings & other stubborn deposits. Also, it can be used to remove dressing on tires, clean wheels, treat vinyl, clean leather & degrease engine build up.
  • The Car Stain Remover is very easy to use. Spray onto surface, gently agitate and wipe off after 3-5 seconds. If residue remains repeat steps until removed. Our formulation is designed for stubborn stains and organic build up on the vehicle.